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CALL, Speak English Software

A. Background (The reasons why do you select the software)

Today there are many ways to help the students in increasing their speaking ability. A media is one of the ways except methods and techniques which can guide students to improve their speaking ability. Online and offline softwares are a good media for students to help the students in speaking lesson. One of the offline softwares that we can use is Speak English software.

Speak English is a software that we can find it easily from our android.  As the writer knows that there are many people have used android today especially for teenagers. Besides, this is an offline software so we just need to download then install the software. After it we can use it freely without use kuota. This software provides two levels. The first is beginner session, this session is very suitable for beginner to practice the students’ pronounciation and to give basic vocabulary. The second is advanced session. In this session contained with proffesional topic in our daily activity. The cool display of this software is my reason also why I prefer to use this software than the others. 

B. Description of the software (include software’s tutorial)

The name of this software is Speak English. This is the cover of Speak English after we download it. 

This software provides two sessions, they are beginner sessions and advanced sessions. Beginner level is contained with speaking material about pronunciation and basic vocabulary. This is the beginner sessions’ content.

In pronunciation I, the students can practice their pronunciation by using prefix like TH, W, and V. The students can practice their pronunciation and their listening by listening the speaker voice, repeat the speaker voice then record your voice.  

Click the play button to hear the pronounce 

Record your voice by clicking the gold button  

Click the next button to go to the next part

In the pronunciation II, the students can learn Silent letters from A to I

In the pronunciation III, the students can continue to learn Silent letters from I to Z

In the pronunciation IV, the students can know the difference between words. 

In the My first phrase, the students will learn about basic conversation in daily activity

In Number, times, and date the students will learn about basic vocabulary about number, times, and date

In around house item, the students be taught basic vocabulary about house. The students will be shown a picture also as a clue. 

These are the vocabulary list in the beginner level for every sessions.

The next level of this software is advanced level. In this lessons contained with professional topic. This is the cover in advanced sessions.

In the top list there is Small Talk session. In Small talk the students will go to the next level of conversation which different with basic conversation in beginner session. 

The next lesson of this level is presentation. In this part the students will be given presentation conversation material like in the class or in the office. 

Then, in job interview part, the students will be taught about job interview material like interview between a boss with the applicant

In Traveling item contained with travelling conversation. There are some statements that very useful for students  to be used when do travelling. 

Flirting material is very suitable for teenagers because the material is very fun for teenagers’ daily activity. The conversation can be like when the first time a boy meets with a girl or invitation to go to the party.

Go to the costumer service part, the students will learn about conversation in costumer service area. 

The last lesson of this sessions is sales pitch. This part contained with how to be a seller. This material will teach the students about statement or conversation in sales activity. 

If you back to the home there are some items that have different function in this software on the bottom

Like this app is an item in the first list of the home. The function of this item is to suggest us to like Speak English software in facebook. It needs your quota if you want to like it.
Rate this app has function to give a rate of this software. It needs your quota also when you want to give a rate.
Setting icon can help us to set the recorder, volume of the speaker, and volume of the recorder. 
Love letter contained with introduction of Speak English Software
Tutorial icon contained with simple tutorial about how to use this software
Imprint gives us contact information about this software like email and website

C.The advantages of the software
  • Speak English  has a cool layout
  • Speak English gives two session lesson like Beginner and advanced 
  • Speak English provides pictures in every session lesson
  • Speak English is an offline so, the students do not need any kuota when use it   
  • Speak English has pronunciation lesson
  • Speak English provides  vocabulary list for every session
  • Speak English can practice students’ listening ability
  • The students can practice their pronunciation by their self 
  • The students can record their voice to practice their pronunciation 
D.The weakness/disadvantages of the software
  • Speak English limits the session lesson
  • Speak English sells the other sessions so, the students must buy its by online 
  • Speak English is easier to be downloaded in android than in PC
E.The process of using the software for learning and teaching activities

     In beginning activity :
  •  Greeting to the students
  • Doing attendance to the students
  • Explaining about daily activity conversation material
  • Doing ask and answer session between teacher and students about the material
     In core activity:
  • Asking the students to open Speak English software from their android phone
  • Asking the students to select the beginner session then choose My first phrase item
  • Asking the students to learn all of the statements in My first phrase session by listening and recording  their voice
  • Asking the students to make daily conversation in pair by recording their voice each       other from their  android
  • Asking the students to play their recording voice in pair while the other students are     listening the conversation
     In closing activity:
  • Giving ask and answer session again for the students about the material, listening and   speaking activity  during the class
  • Reviewing the material about daily activity conversation
F. Conclusion and recommendation 
Speak English software is an offline software that focus to improve students’ speaking ability and students’ pronunciation. This software can increase the students’ listening skill also by hearing the speaker voice. The students can practice their pronunciation by record their own voice. This software is divided into two levels. They are beginner sessions and advanced sessions. 

The main weakness of this software is Speak English limits the other sessions. Speak English only provides two levels where each level has a restrictiveness like vocabulary. The students can get the other lessons by buying its via online. So, it needs your paypal account and your quota. In covering this weakness, the teacher must be more active in the class to interact with the students. The teachers can add the other materials in the class from the book or make material by their own self without online. 

At the end, I totally recommend for all teachers and students to download and install this Speak English Software in their android phone. This software is very useful in teaching and learning process because it can improve students’ speaking ability by listening and pronunciation part. Besides, Speak English is an offline software so, we can use it without need quota.  You can download Speak English software from play store in your android by typing Speak English in searching box. If you want to try to download Speak English from your PC just click this link Speak English

Friday, 27 December 2013

Presentation of the 2013 communique to President Putin's Chief G20 Advisor

only for GIRLS of G20 member countries (including Indonesia) aged 18-20. DEADLINE: March 30, 2014

Successful applicants will get:

-Summit learning materials and supplies;
-Return economy air travel arrangements, from the closest international airport to the delegate’s home to Australia;
-Accommodations while in Australia (in transit accommodations to be covered by the delegate);
-Meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments each day;
-All ground transportation while in Australia.
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