Wednesday, 21 September 2011


seakan tak percaya akan alur dari dunia ini
terkadang hanyut akan buaian keindahannya I say it #amazzzzing
sangat kagum atas apa yang engkau anugerahi TUHAN
kadang ingin kurengkul semua asa dihadapku
kadang ingin kubuang semua penat dihidupku

I want to catch what I want
but still difficult to get it
just my braveness in my soul be bright
dare to make it happens
although will make a long time to face it
my step had stopped in ago
but when it stopped, my heart still take a beat
my soul still dares to push my spirit in my life 
because of the moment
I have decided to always take steps to face my life
I don't care, although I know that is difficult
but I believe I can pass it

TAKE IT EASY.........!!!!!

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