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The discussion is one of the methods in a teaching method. A discussion method is a technique of teaching where consist with the interaction between two or more individuals who share experience each other, give information, and analyze the problem. In practicing this strategy we can do the implementations as follows:  

The first is a preparation step, in this step the students have to understand the purpose of the discussion because, the clearly purpose can be a control in realization of the discussion (Sanjaya, 2010). The teacher determines the kind of the discussion, if the main goal that we want to get is an increasing of the students perception, we can use a panel discussion and if we want to improve the student idea so, symposium is an exact option in a discussion (Sanjaya, 2010). In the preparation step the teacher be a central controller to decide the kind of the discussion. The kinds of the discussion that the teacher can be used are panel discussion or symposium. The teacher chooses the kind of the discussion appropriate with the student’s requirement in the class. 

After it, the instructor decides a problem of the discussion (Sanjaya, 2010). The problem can be a given from the teaching material or the actual problem in the society which the student is confronted with a problem such us a statement or a question that can be studied and be solved together (Djamarah & Zain, 2006). The problem that instructor given to the student can be a feedback to the student to perceive that problem with give a statement or a question so, the discussion process can go well.   

Then the student or the lecturer prepares facilities that can help the discussion process such us a classroom and the discussion employees like moderator (Sanjaya, 2010). Determine the sum member of the group and establish the student who be a member in each group (Sudiyono, Supriyatno, & Padil, 2006). Divide the student be spread evenly base on their balance knowledge or the equivalent experience of the member (Sudiyono, Supriyatno, & Padil, 2006). The facilities, the sum member of the group, and distribution of the students for every group be an essential side also in implementation an effective discussion. 
The next, do the discussion appropriate with the rule that has been made (Sanjaya, 2010). In the discussion we should make a fun climate and an interesting situation, for example not be a strained and do not tease each other (Sanjaya, 2010). The discussion should go on in “open climate or situation”, in relax situation and informal condition (Sudiyono, Supriyatno, & Padil, 2006). In a discussion, we should pay attention also with the rule that has been agreed together. The fun climate and an interesting situation will make an effective learning in a discussion.

When we do the discussion, the group has to give an opportunity for each discussion participant to take outside their idea or their opinion (Sanjaya, 2010). Beside it, every participant must hold on the working through to the main problem that be explained, this is very important because, without a restraint the process of the discussion and the direction of the material will be extend and does not focus with the main problem of the discussion (Sanjaya, 2010). A participation from the audience or the student a given by the group who be a presenter to give a chance for the other student in giving opinion or question for the presenter. Beside it, the audience has to focus also for the presenter when the presenter brings the material in order, the audience can hold on the working through that be explained by the presenter. 

The last step, close the discussion which to end the discussion process, we have to make the fundamentals of the working through as a conclusion agree with the discussion result (Sanjaya, 2010). We can review the discussion process with ask the opinion from all participants as a feedback concept for the next reparation (Sanjaya, 2010). In the end of the discussion, the presenter has to give a conclusion from their material. Not only the presenter that can give a conclusion or contribution in the discussion, but also from the other student as the audience can share their point of view appropriate with the audience’s perspective with the material from the presenter in a discussion.  

With know and understand about the discussion method as a teaching method will give easy for the teacher and especially the student to get the aim of the learning process which the discussion method is the one of the teaching methods in the class. It is important component also to create the effective atmosphere in teaching and learning process. 

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