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Every institution certainly has perspective and mission in developing their corporation. As is the education institutions in Indonesia especially at the universities. Need to be known that formulation of   perspective, mission, and purpose an education institute must appropriate with the education institute level, then we need to be known also that formulation of perspective, mission, and purpose an education institute are very important because they are orientation and direction in the all of the activities in education institutes such as at the universities (Ishak&Suarga, 2009). In Indonesia a lot of universities had been educed by many people with different perspective and mission but exactly still head for the core of Indonesian’s education. State Islamic university is the one of the education institute in Indonesia that has perspective, mission and purpose that rather different with the other state universities in Indonesia, which state Islamic university’s perspective is “Create UIN as an excellent university and has competitiveness in national and international scale with produce Arabic and English as an introduction language, with makes serious effort integrating the Islamic, knowledge, technology and human resource elements” (Ishak, 2009, et al p. 18)

Then state Islamic university has mission also, which Islamic state university wants to create UIN as an university that can produce the scholars with competitive superiority either in methodological or in language. Besides, state Islamic university has purpose, which state Islamic university’s purpose  is to produce the scholars who mastering a general knowledge and has a ripeness in the faith and belief, have professional attitude and spirit dedication for religion and country (Ishak&Suarga, 2009). State Islamic university ofAlauddin Makassar is one of the state Islamic universities that havea main goal to bring the perspective, mission, and purpose to come in the reality, we can see it from the media and the teacher learningprocess and system in this university.

Media is very important thing atthe university, because media is an agency or deliver for students, the teaching media can stimulate the student mind, feeling, and the student’s desire then can support the learning process in the student’s self (Usman, 2002). As a student at university we certainly know that 20% of knowledge that we get is from the lecturers and 80% knowledge we can get outboard, and the 80% knowledge it self can we get from the university’s media, such as from internet. The internet can help a student in searching or browsing the campus assignments, and at the state Islamic university ofAlauddin Makassar you can find it because in this university you can enjoy the free WIFI, you can meet it in the faculty, garden, or in the library. Besides WIFI, this university is completed with the projector also, so can make an efficient and effective learning process between the student and lecturer. Using creatively media will help students to study eminently and can increase their performances appropriate with the aim that will be gotten (Usman, 2002). Library takes the important part also in the student learning at state Islamic university of Alauddin, there are books, magazines, journals, newspapers, and the other documents there. As we know that library can be used by the students and citizen to get information in the knowledge area, either for academic goal or for recreation (Arsyad, 2004).

Basically, teaching is a studying activity, so the learning process can effective and efficient going, the teaching learning process include the planning, implementation, till the evaluation and follow-up program in educative system to get the certain goal, which the certain goal is a teaching (Suryosubroto, 1997). State Islamic university has different educative system and process in learning than the other universities, because state Islamic university put the Islamic values in every teachers learning aspect. One of the Islamic values that state Islamic university put is with figuration a relationship with the teaching material and the holy Quran. Teacher in teaching have to give attention and think the correlation inter-knowledge, as is in reality of life all of the knowledge is interact (Slameto, 2010). Attention from the lecturers at state Islamic university of Alauddin Makassar is different also with the other universities, because at state Islamic university, you will not get attention in the classroom only but in every place you will get attention also from lecturers, the special attention from lecturer is about the students’ ethics or students’ behave, it can be a reprimand from your behave that incorrect in Islamic values, for example is your ethics in wearing clothes or your behave with your opposite sex that incorrect also with the Islamic rule. These lecturers action have a mean that a lecturer is demanded to commitment in professionalism to expand their job as the lecturers (Getteng, 2009). Learning process or learning system at state Islamic university very watch out the religious aspect in teaching learning process. From the lecturer’s paragon or measure model and kind action, the lecturer can involve the student’s characteristic and attitude also, on the contrary, what the student’s see and hear different with the reality, the education result cannot be reached and will disable the lecturer’s capacity as an educator (Usman, 2002).

From those explanations, we can conclude that state Islamic university is the state university that meant business to make the state Islamic university’s perspective, mission, and purpose appear to the reality. The real fact to bring the perspective, mission, and purpose come to the reality is from the media and the teaching learning process and system from state Islamic university of Alauddin Makassar, which media that used in this university is completed with WIFI to help the students in searching their tasks, projector in the classroom help the students and the lecturers to create the effective and efficient condition in learning process, and library as a knowledge center for students. Besides state Islamic university’s media, the Islamic values from this university making state Islamic university of Alauddin Makassar different with the other university because the learning system in this university always uses correlation method from the teaching material and the holy Quran.Thereby, if you study at Islamic university you not only can get the general knowledge appropriate with our department but you can get the religion knowledge also.


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