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Touch my heart

Bibliographic Citation
Nomi, T. (2007). Touch my heart: Mengenal kepribadian anak menurut golongan darah. Yogyakarta: C.V Andi offset
The book that I choose for this review assignment is entitled Touch my heart: Mengenal kepribadian anak menurut golongan darah by author Toshitaka Nomi. The book that I review is a book translation from japan and translated by Holy Setyowati from Indonesia. The content from this book is about a blood group. Toshitaka Nomi gives explanation about how to know or how to understand the personality from the children by their blood group. The reason I choose this book because, the content of this book is very interesting and I agree in each explanation about a blood group. A character of the children that I know and a personality of the children according to the book by blood group actually have compatibility. Almost all the explanations about the children personality of A, B, AB, or O blood groups are suitable with the people who I know.
Toshitaka Nomi has made many books about a blood group, such us Discipline base on the blood group. In each his creation has much working through about a trouble in communication to the children. Many problems in miscommunication or misunderstanding between the parents and their children today, from that problem so that Toshitaka made this book to help parents or teachers.  This book is suitable for all people, especially for parents and teachers to know more about the children personality.

            In generally this book gives many explanations about the blood group. Many facts that can make us get impression about blood group from this book. Not only because of the blood group we can understand the excess of someone personality but also the inadequacy of someone personality.This book is started by an explanation aboutthe blood group as an instruction to can understand the children personality, and in the next chapter the author gives many explanations about the way in order the parent and the children have a good communication, then in the last chapter the author from this book discusses about the material in the blood group.
In the first chapter, the author givescase examples from the children who have A, B, O and AB blood group. According to the Nomi that Techan’s act, the naughty boy who has O blood group, to practice his self the parent has to give love expression as a form in physical contact, then Takachan, the carping boy who has A blood group, to practice his self the parent must keep his self-confidence, the last is Kenkun, the boy of B blood group who has a latent mildness, to train this child, the parent should teach him a patience (Nomi, 2007).From the case examples that Nomi explains in this chapter, then Nomi puts some methods also to train the children and describes the characteristic of the children base on their blood group.
            In the second chapter, Nomi gives explanation about how to keep a good relationship in communication between the parent and the children. In this part the author gives many suggestions for the parent and the teacher so that the communication betweenthe children and the parent can continue. Nomi said that every child brings his identity by his self and every child has different desire also. The aid or the way to improve the children dream is a function that carried out by the parent and teacher (Nomi, 2007).The important thing that Nomi wants to share from this part is about the parent and the teacher role in catch their children dream, the parent must carry much risks to help their children to get their dream, and the parent have to give support also for their children to get their children dream.
            In the last chapter, the author more insists the blood group material. Nomi said that “Seen in the psychology side, each blood group material makes a difference in the feeling figuration and our body” (Nomi, 2007, p. 111). In this chapter, the author explains that every blood group has rhythm itselfand then the author describes the emotion rhythm by using emotion curve for each blood group.
            Wholly, the main point from this book that the author wants to stress is about a children characteristics comprehension by their blood group. Nomi said that the one of the children temperaments of O blood group is won’t to lose, slow in opening their mind for A blood group’s temperament, rather think the past for B blood group’s temperament, then the last for AB blood group has an inadequacy in emotion control (Nomi, 2007). The characteristic of the children is actually defined by their blood group.
            There is a special side so I decide to review this book. I think it is different with the other because, in this book the author can give a different method in guiding the children by looking the children blood group.
            The contain from this book really gives a benefit knowledge about the blood group comprehension,the author puts the characters, tips for parents, and methods in solve the children problem by see the children blood group. Every material in this book about the characteristic of the children of A, B, AB, and O blood group is suitable with the people personality who I know. Many questions about why children do something andstill be a big question for us to answer it, but in this book, the author peel off about a phenomenological that very different by using the blood group, from puts some case examples until the author gives the tips and methods for the parent and teacher. I believe that this book is very useful for parent or teacher in building and improving the children characters.
            The content from this book is totally interesting for me as a reader, but there are some things from the content of this book that forgotten.According to the Nomi”The practical way to train the children is with giving a love expression in physical contact form” (Nomi, 2007, p. 7).I think this book just more emphasize the methods to guide the children by their emotional intelligence not by their spiritual intelligence, different with the Spiritual Intelligence book, in this book Safaria puts expalantions about the children perspicacity, not only from emotional  sidebut also from spiritual side. Safaria said that without the spiritual intelligence(SQ), IQ and EQ cannot walk effectively and optimally (Safaria, 2007). 
Besides, the content from this book just explains also about the benefit to take a relationship with the same blood group and did not give an explanation about the benefit to take a relationship with the different blood group. Nomi said that ”The people who have a same blood group will be easier to understand each other” (Nomi, 2007, p. 99). I as a reader still have a question about the friendship relation with the other blood group then should the children have a friendship relationship just for their same blood group? I think a blood group is not a constraint to braid a friendship.Fadhullah said that “In the other side, we have to prepare the suitable society condition (environment)so, the children choose friend appropriate with our hope” (Fadhullah, 2004).In Dunia book reassert that the friendship is the one of the environment elements that can give the influence extra in formation of the children personality.

            After this long explanation, I can conclude that I recommend this book, especially for the teacher and the parent. Although this book still has an inadequacy, but in totally I agree with the content of this book, because the content of this book is very useful to guide the children. With know the character of the children by the blood group will give easy of guiding the children. Know and understand the person personality is important thing for each person, so that I can say that Touch my heart bookis a good selection to be read, but the Spiritual intelligence book and Dunia anak can be good references also to complete our knowledge about the children personality.

Fadhlullah, H. (2004). Dunia anak. Bogor: Cahaya
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